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Tara Delle Chiaie

So the Pod Cast has left you hanging on for more and perhaps wondering who the heck is Tara Delle Chiaie?


Alright well let's strip down and let's introduce you personally to the voice behind the recent pod cast aired on David Addarios Bigger Better Faster Stronger. 


My name is Tara and I am a 43 year old  mom, Nurse Practitioner and a Business owner.  I'm a little wild, completely loyal (until I have been forced not to be).  I'm full of fire, passion, desire and a complete "Geek in Gucci".


I recently threw caution to the wind and decided to do what I ask my patients to do all the time, that is to take a risk and believe in myself.  So, What did I do, how did I accomplish this?  I at 43 stripped down all of my insecurities as well as my clothes and bared it all for a chance to be on the cover of Maxim Magazine. 


I submitted my photos to Maxim Magazine and they judged initially.  Now that I have made it past the Maxim judges to get to public voting; it is in the publics hands now. Each and every day you can cast your vote for me. 


So, we still haven't let you in on the behind the scenes of Tara. 


I began my childhood on a tiny farm in Merrimac Massachusetts.  There we raised pigs, turkeys, bunnies, hunting dogs and lived our humble little life.  I could fillet a fish and slaughter a pig at an early age.  Please keep in mind I typically did this in a dress and patent leather shoes.  I could hunt deer, duck, rabbit, squirrel; you name it I could get it.  Ironically enough I believe my early life is what catapulted me to who and where I am at now.  My dads short temper and ruthless survival skills combined with mothers grace and respect for manners provided me with balance.  It is my grace and poise which at times gets me through the door yet it is my quick wit and raw grit which keeps me there.  I watched my parents fight for everything they had both financially, emotionally and in health.  They taught me perseverance in any environment.


I definitely went left as a teen when I should have stayed right for a bit.  But you know, I can't regret any of that because it has all shaped who I am today.  My mom had me in pageants and ballet early on.  I danced in the Nutcracker, held the title of Miss New Hampshire  and began work at a very early age in my moms hair salon.  I watched her struggle but better yet I watched her succeed.  She supported me on her income from her hair salon my entire childhood.  These are lessons as a child you are indirectly learning without being taught.


As, I began my wild flower phase; I quickly realized it was going to get me know where fast.  So, I packed up and went to Australia to attend University there for a bit.  This was my moment.  This is when I realized, I needed more from life than the wild party nights and the meaningless relationships.  It was time to get out of the club's and into real life. 


I came home from Australia earning a full 2 year scholarship towards any degree I wanted for academic excellence.  Keep in mind...when I went to Australia I was failing in school but worse...failing at life.  Changing my environment allowed me to find out who I was.  I needed new friends, new challenges, and to be uncomfortable to learn how to fight for my own success. I came home and I was a force to be reckoned with.  I may have grown up poor but I was given love and opportunity within our means and that was more precious than any sparkle barbie doll house I wanted. 


After college, I did the standard American girl thing...bought a house, had kids, got married and worked 40 hours a week.  The marriage went up and then down really quick.  I learned a legal document does not keep people in love, it does not keep them loyal.  It is the demise of a relationship. Or at least it was mine.  I struggled to find my way again trying to be true to the person I was and not the person that society thinks I should be.  The end of my marriage was not the thing that broke me...It was the very thing that put me together.  I did not let this get me down.  I took it as an opportunity to try and rise to the top, succeed, feel real love, love so hard my body is on fire, and succeed professionally. 


Nowadays, I am raising my three boys, touring the country speaking on behalf of an amazing medical device company and have three businesses.  There is nothing that can get in my way if I set my mind to it.  Failure is not the end.  Better yet, it is the first step in success. Now that all of the Important pieces are in full swing, I am running to be on the cover of maxim magazine.   


It took years for me to be able to do something for myself as my focus was all kids, all business.  I have poured my heart and soul into raising my three boys to be sure that they have the fundamentals to succeed.  With that came an immense dedication to my business as well.  I needed to be sure to provide for them both emotionally and financially. 


Lets talk MAXIM and discuss how you can help me to achieve the cover spot for the magazine...


For those that are not aware of what Maxim mag is all about, let me take a minute to explain. This magazine celebrates and promotes, elegant beauty, fitness and the artful nature of photography utilizing the female body. I am humbled and honored to have this opportunity.




Click on the link below and cast your vote each day for the length of the competition.


Voting Daily keeps me in the competition till the end for the chance to be the Cover Girl. 


Not only do I have the opportunity to be on the cover but I will also win $25, 000 should I be the winner. My plan for the money is... of course to allocate a portion to my three boys. I would like to further give back to two important causes to me. The first cause is childhood liver disease. Those of you who know me personally know how close to home this is to me and my family. In my opinion the best gift one can give, is the gift of life.


The second cause would be My Breast Cancer Support which helps to support woman battling breast cancer. Along my path in my career I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing lady and she has survived Breast Cancer. She began work with the My Breast Cancer Support to help other woman during their fight. I have had the pleasure of donating a few years in a row now but winning this money would allow me to donate a much more significant donation to this important organization. We all need help from time to time and the help we need is different for everyone.


Feel free to share this post as well; the more the merrier.


A portion of the proceeds from this completion will go to help the Jared Allen's Homes For Wounded Warriors




Homes for Wounded Warrior's mission is to raise money to build and remodel handicap accessible homes to suit the individual needs of injured veterans.


Thank you to all that have supported me... 

Tara Delle Chiaie MSN, FNP-BC, APRN (Owner)

Delle Chiaie Cosmetic Medicine

Delle Chiaie Concierge Medicine

822 Lafayette Rd Suite 4

Hampton NH, 03842

Cell 603-783-1087

Fax 1-603-369-4689


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Brian has learned the skills to overcome many obstacles in his life, including surviving a heart attack, overcoming decades of insulin-dependent diabetes, extreme obesity, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and even corporate America. Brian lost over 100 lbs and discovered that anything is possible with total dedication, including happiness. He has a desire to inspire, and wants to teach you his successful strategies on how to take on the world and win with a smile on your face.

Brian will leave any crowd, group, or work force feeling empowered with his energy, passion, humor and outlook on life.

Brian has been married to his bride Kyla for over 30 years and they have made their home in Northern Colorado.


Joe williams

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For 15 years Joe was Head Trainer and Lead Speaker for best selling author and peak performance coach, Tony Robbins.

Joe’s work has led him to consult with companies in a diverse number of fields, helping his clients create over $50 Billion in new business, and helping literally thousands of people with all levels of experience (or no experience at all!) find their voice, refine their skills, master their message, and make an impact in the world. 


nick leyden

I'm a 28yr old Online fitness and mindset coach.


But it wasn't always that way. So I mean I grew up a fat kid and I had developed some really bad relationships with food and my body when I was young that I didn't even realize I had until after I stopped playing sports at the collegiate level. I found my passion in sports and particularly football. But I was never the most gifted or talented. I always had to put in more work than everyone else to get to where I wanted to go. That's how I fell in love with training. It helped me develop the mental and physical edge needed in competition and sport. But after my sporting career ended I lost my purpose, I lost my team, and I lost my edge. I was constantly striving to be the best and achieve the body of my dreams. I mean I had my damn Masters degree in Kinesiology and was a certified strength and conditioning coach, but my mindset off. I would get in shape and crush it for 2-3 weeks and then binge and fall off. Over and over for years, ultimately till I looked myself in the eye and got 100% real with myself. I was mentally weak, I lacked discipline, mental toughness, grit, I had forgotten myself I had lost who I was that made me so great in sports. I spent years researching trying to figure how to get back that fire, that strength that edge. That's why I started my business. To teach people what it takes to actually get the results they not only want in their body but in their life too.


I'm sure a lot of you want to know why me right what have I gone through what makes me special? Sure, I've gotten viral meningitis and almost died, I was an NFL hopeful who went to  a combine and didn't make it, I was a fat child, I was bow-legged growing up, every one has their own shit that they carry with them that makes them who they are. But, I don't like focusing there or want sympathy because those things have made me who I am today and I am grateful for them.


So who am I? I am a motivated, driven entrepreneur who is passionate about helping people change their life, body, and mind so they can step in fully to the role model and the person they are meant to be. 

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