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 Is hitting your targets a challenge?


Live Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger!


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BBFS Goals and Values

  • Finding Ones Gifts

  • Growing As a Brotherhood 

  • Building Charisma 

  • Becoming Resilient 

  • Being Resourceful 

  • Being Passionate 

  • Seeing the Light Even in the Darkest Times

  • Helping Others to Grow Alongside You



Countrywide known Scrap Metal Entrepreneur and Motivator. Father to 5 amazing children who strive for excellence daily. Husband to the love of my life and one on the worlds hardest working Wife & Mother. 


The youngest scrap yard owner in the country at the age of 26. Over the past 14 years I've bought and sold 3 Scrap Metal Businesses. Currently own and operate The Largest Scrap metal service business in the USA. 

I have worked with some of the greats in the impact & motivational world such as Impact Coach Joe Williams and Mike Dooley. 


In 2012 Bigger Better Faster Stronger became our company mantra. After seeing such a positive influence the BBFS tools had on my team. I created a blueprint for Freedom, Wealth, and most importantly Happiness. BBFS is set up to help business owners and motivated individuals hit their targets in life and business in record time.

By the Grace of God.

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